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Our Consultants

10+ Years

We require that each consultant on GuideRoc have at least 10 years of subject matter experience. If you believe that it takes 10,000 hours of dedication to a craft to become an expert, take solace in knowing the GuideRoc consultants have at least 20,000 hours of practice. 

We ❤️ SMBs!

You'll find that our love for small and mid-size businesses runs through our veins. We've grown up around business owners, we've worked for business owners, we've been, and we are business owners. We understand the importance that SMBs have on our economy.

Team Effort

It takes a team that can work together in order to get to new heights. Behind the scene we're sharing notes to ensure you're getting a consistent message that you can act on. We're also here to serve you and your team, from hiring to strategizing. We have your back.

Interested in joining our consulting team?

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